Madelyn Ilana

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Madelyn has been studying music for over 20 years. She began on the violin at age 8, and played in Orchestra throughout her school years. By high school, she became her orchestra’s concertmaster. In her early 20’s, she began to branch out from her roots in classical music on the violin and explored the world of improvisation in the folk music scene. She began collaborating with other local artists and learning how to compose strings parts for songs. At the same time, she taught herself to play guitar, and immediately began writing her own music.


Now, Madelyn enjoys practicing world music on her violin, including Middle Eastern, Classical Indian, and Eastern European styles of music. She continues to write original music and has recorded three albums. You can listen to Madelyn Ilana’s latest studio album, Coming into the Light on her Bandcamp, or anywhere you stream music digitally. Check out one of her favorite improvised violin tracks, Love like an Ocean!


Madelyn has been teaching music professionally for over 10 years and has taught with many programs including  Mountain School of Strings, Rockbrook Camp for Girls, Music Works Asheville, Next Step Educator’s Music After School Program, Girls Rock Camps, Farm & Wilderness summer camps in Vermont, Pickard’s Mountain Eco Institute, the Florida Herbal Conference, the Southeast Wise Women’s Herbal Conference, and countless private students.


Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, Madelyn incorporates both the technical and the creative. With a background in somatic therapy, Madelyn knows that the body IS what makes music, and a relaxed state creates a much more enjoyable atmosphere for both musician and audience alike. Madelyn guides her students in physical alignment and relaxation techniques. She views music as a healing art and intends to guide her students toward their true soul’s expression. She is certified in the O’Connor method for violin, and often uses the Essential Elements for Strings books as well. Yet she is always open to the student choosing their own songs to learn.

Madelyn Ilana | Teacher at Asheville Music School