Sam Irvin IV

Trumpet | Guitar

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Sam Irvin has been studying music and playing guitar since he was 7, trumpet since age 11. What began by learning ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,’ developed into a hardened investigation of the fundamentals of music. Moving from his hometown of Brevard, he has been in Asheville since 2009 when he relocated to attend UNCA. After graduating with a double in Jazz Studies and Philosophy, he began teaching at Asheville Music School. Sam enjoys exploring a variety of musical styles and endeavors to further the many horizons of his knowledge and experience through everyday practice. In addition to his lessons at the music school, he currently works at Moog, the electronic instrument manufacturer known for it’s high-end synthesizers, and with LEAF’s Schools & Streets program where he directs various ensembles such as a brass band at Christine Avery Learning Center. He plays in various musical projects around Asheville such as Kylie B. & the Birds, a versatile jazz ensemble, and The Groove Arcade, a 7-pc soul band. When there is time, Sam enjoys arranging for and performing on solo classical guitar.


Sam employs a holistic approach to teaching, using both traditional and more contemporary methods that honor the individual interests of each budding musician while also incorporating the essential theory and techniques. Appropriating the lessons to specific goals that are both particular to that student’s immediate interests but are also widely applicable, students are encouraged to diversify their skill-base. Learners will receive instruction geared towards gaining familiarity with handling the instrument and understanding basic music theory such as reading sheet music and using scales for improvisation. They will receive training regarding the best ways to achieve the focus necessary to boost the efficiency and efficacy of practice time and will be pushed to develop their own repertoire to build a base of songs to perform. The creation and careful adjustment of beneficial habits; the recognition and utilization of inspiration; the expression, articulation and communication of ideas; the acquisition and maintenance of an informed faculty of judgement; critical analysis and the ability to meaningfully evaluate various features and details; multi-tasking; the cultivation of mindfulness; the development of a process; the construction of an integrity and discipline in one’s self; and more. These are some life-abilities that learning music will inevitably lead to if approached with an open mind and treated with earnest respect. Music can help you become the best you that you can be and Sam’s goal is to impart his students with just that.”

Sam Irvin IV | Teacher at Asheville Music School